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Whether you are a professional, parent, relative, friend, or other home-based caregiver, tackle topics such as communication, how to manage big behaviors, STEAM, language and literacy, and more with access to our library of online learning courses.

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This series will include live presentations by national and local experts presenting important and relevant topics in group settings over Zoom.

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Insights on Temperament and Teaching

This course will explore a variety of temperament styles and traits and help participants understand how temperament can affect a child's connection with caregivers and sometimes, how they grow and develop. Participants will also learn how to create a "Goodness of Fit" within their environments and how to provide interactions that support a child's individual needs and preferences.

STEM in the Preschool Classroom  

This training will help participants understand the importance of connecting STEM concepts to the activities preschool-aged children are already doing. We will cover how to create intentional, meaningful STEM challenges, how to align your STEM curriculum to state and national standards, and how to help children become more interested and engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Be Safe, Stay Healthy: An Overview of Policy & Procedure

An overview of ADHS Policy and Procedure regarding basic Health and Safety topics. This course is a perfect review for staff that have already attended the core Health and Safety training mandated by ADES. Topics covered include Mandated Reporting, Indoor/Outdoor Safety, Preventing the Spread of Disease, and Emergency Preparedness.

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