Creating Planet Earth: Saying Yes to Outdoor Play

April 12, 2022  |  Published by

What is the most important place on the planet for children? Is it the Amazon Rain Forest? The Pacific Ocean? The Himalayan Mountains?

As adults, we may think of lofty places of great natural importance as the most important place for children to learn and grow, and yet, the most important place on the planet for young children is right outside your door.

That's right. The place that children visit every day is actually the most important place in the world...


Child Playing in Backyard Graphic

This blog, written by Rusty Keeler, is in partnership with Kaplan Early Learning Materials.

Throughout his 28 years of experience, Rusty Keeler has worked with hundreds of communities, schools, parks, universities, and childcare leaders to dream, design, and construct beautiful outdoor environments for children. As an author, keynote speaker, presenter, and pioneer in the movement to reconnect children to nature, Rusty believes that every child deserves the opportunity to play freely.

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